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The syntax to enable a primary key using the ALTER TABLE statement in Oracle/PLSQL is: ALTER TABLE table_name ENABLE CONSTRAINT constraint_name; Example. Now with create table ,check constraint can be created in in-line column syntax or out-of-line syntax. ALTER TABLE supplier ENABLE CONSTRAINT supplier_pk; In this example, we include the primary key table of the supplier named supplier_pk. Let’s consider an example of how to enable a unique limitation in Oracle. Let's look at an example of how to enable a primary key using the ALTER TABLE statement in Oracle. In most cases to enable the constraint should not be a problem but after data import or update to tables with big amount of data causes errors like ORA-14063: Unusable index exists on unique/primary constraint key . If you wanted that not null constraint to be disabled, you could say: Oct 10, 2012 · SQL> alter table t enable novalidate constraint uniq_a; alter table t enable novalidate constraint uniq_a * ERROR at line 1: ORA-02299: cannot validate (TUSKERDEV. constraint_name||''; end loop; end; /. The question is how to make it faster. Youd could add them yourself, and amend the GTL code, or you could raise a case with SAP, as a feature of Oracle (if that is the DBMS) is not supported MY_TABLE has also an index called IDX_PK_MY_TABLE which is enforces the uniqueness for constraint PK_MY_TABLE . 1 but I’ve just checked and it’s still present in 19. SQL tutorials: SQL Primary Key constraint, Drop primary Key I cannot find where it is documented in the Oracle documentation. If a constraint is enabled, data is checked as it is entered or updated in the database, and data that does not conform to the constraint is prevented from being entered. Tutorial on default values and enabling and disabling constraints in Oracle databases explained with examples. begin for i in ( select constraint_name, table_name from user_constraints where constraint_type ='R' and status = 'ENABLED' ) LOOP execute immediate 'alter table '||i. One PRIMARY KEY constraint for Col1 and a NOT NULL constraint for Col3. How to create the check constraint in oracle. "order by constraint_type" Managing Integrity Constraints needs sometimes a temporary constraints enable and disable. how to check and alter constraints. Any SQL INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE command applied to a table with constraints enabled has the possibility of failing. alter table table_name DISABLE constraint constraint_name; Another way to enable and disable constraints in Oracle would be to either use a plsql block or write a script. To disable a PRIMARY KEYconstraint of a table, you use the ALTER TABLE statement: Aug 21, 2020 · table_name is the name of the table to change. This can cause a lot of time and resources. After Trigger execute before constraint check in oracle. Creating foreign key constraints for such fact tables can be quite a challenge. ALTER TABLE ENABLE/DISABLE CONSTRAINT <constraint_name> Rename table name. This is the table whose unique constraint you wish to enable. 6. As mentioned before it is not recommended to disable and enable constraints because the constraints can allow bad data into the database table without warning or notice. 17 Mar 2011 I knew that Oracle SQL Developer (I really like it even though it is a developer tool Remember to enable the constraints again before ending  2006년 4월 6일 오라클8i 이전 버전에서는 integrity constraints 가 아래의 세가지 상태를 가질 수 있었다. CONSTRAINT supplier_pk PRIMARY KEY (supplier_id) ); CREATE TABLE products ( product_id numeric(10) not null, supplier_id numeric( 10) not&nb [ORACLE] 制約の有効/無効を切り替える. Feb 19, 2012 · If you are attempting to insert millions of rows into an oracle database, you may want to temporarily disable indexes and constraints to improve the speed of the load. The following errors are associated with Oracle constraint alter commands: ORA-02290: check constraint (owner. To disable all constraints use "order by constraint_type desc" ie. disable foreign ket first and then Primary key. Constraint names have to be unique for each table and can be no more than 30 characters in length. '||table_name||' disable constraint 1 Feb 2017 With minor modification, the query could be used to provide DROP CONSTRAINTS and ADD CONSTRAINT statements. Example 1 – Enable a Constraint using WITH CHECK. Which alter command would you use to reinstate a disabled primary constraint? Option A. not null constraint in oracle are used to enforce not null values in the column in the table. ORA Introduction to Oracle Check constraint. If you don't want to ignore the fact that enabl If you define a constraint but do not explicitly enable or disable it, ORACLE enables it by default. select table_name from user_constraints where (r_constraint_name) in ( select constraint_name from user_constraints where table_name = 'T' and constraint_type in ( 'P', 'U' ) ); So, we can easily find all the constraints on the table in oracle using data dictionary views. To maintain the integrity and validate the condition before loading data, Check Constraint can be used. Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonMay 7, 2015. 1. com Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version 12. Add CASCADE to the end of a DISABLE CONSTRAINT clause: 6. That is almost always a bug. But it doesn’t prevents from NULL values entry. The following CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE statements both define and enable &nb Enable Disable Primary Key « Constraints « Oracle PL / SQL. ALTER TABLE ENABLE PRIMARY KEY(ID). The syntax for enabling a check constraint in Oracle is: ALTER TABLE table_name ENABLE CONSTRAINT constraint_name; Example ALTER TABLE suppliers ENABLE CONSTRAINT check_supplier_id; In this example, we're enabling a check constraint on the suppliers table called check_supplier_id. g. The same resource enforces constraints properly for different jobs, e. Disables the integrity constraint. UNIQ_A) - duplicate keys found Here is what Oracle 9i (Release 2) Document says : Constraint States You can enable or disable integrity constraints at the table level using the You can specify that a constraint is enabled (ENABLE) or disabled (DISABLE). CREATE TABLE "RENTAL_HISTORY" ( "MEDIA_ID" NUMBER(10,0) NOT NULL ENABLE, &quot;RENTAL_DATE In Oracle database, UNIQUE constraint is used to prevent duplicate data entry into a table. ALTER TABLE supplier. The figure below lists the types of  2008년 3월 31일 SQL> @ c:\oracle\ora92\rdbms\admin\utlexcpt; SQL> alter table dept 2 enable constraint dept_deptno_pk 3 exceptions into exceptions; . First let's  16 Feb 2010 Enabling of the PK constraint requires association with index. In Data warehousing systems, it is normal that we disable Constraints, drop indexes and re-enable 2015年2月1日 SQL> ALTER TABLE TEST DISABLE VALIDATE CONSTRAINT TEST_PK;. · Constraints can, at any time, be either enabled or disabled. The Always Free services are available for an unlimited period of time. ALTER TABLE <your_table>  16 Feb 2011 Since I wanted to utilize available resources on the machine for that task, almost each step uses parallel execution. DISABLE. 投稿日: 2017年9月18日. Rather than have the database re-verify this FOREIGN KEY constraint, which would require time and database resources, the data warehouse administrator could Enable a Check Constraint. The database automatically assigns a name to the constraint: 6. Jan 13, 2021 · Filed under: constraints,Oracle — Jonathan Lewis @ 3:17 pm GMT Jan 13,2021 This is a note I drafted in 2018 but never got around to publishing. e. Script Name alter table drop constraint drop index; Description Demonstrates the syntax `alter table foo drop constraint un_foo drop index;` works. One row represents one check constraint and its column in a database; Scope of rows: (A) all check constraints with columns on a table accessible to the current user in Oracle database, (B) all check constraints with columns on a table in Dec 14, 2007 · The second new option was the ability to enable a constraint with NOVALIDATE, meaning Oracle would enable the constraint but not bother to check existing data to ensure nothing violated the constraint. 2 and later: ORA-947 Error Thrown for Enable Table Constraint when using Exceptions Into Clause Dec 04, 2020 · PROMPT enable constraint alter table P_TABLE enable constraint PTAB_PER_ID_UK; -- index will be created, bat isn't local PROMPT after enable constraint, index is created, but is not local select index_name,uniqueness,partitioned from all_indexes where index_name = 'PTAB_PER_ID_UK'; PROMPT from my point of view, this is not expected behivor. Articles Oracle 8i Oracle 9i Oracle 10g Oracle 11g Oracle 12c Oracle 13c Oracle 18c Oracle 19c Oracle 21c Miscellaneous PL/SQL SQL Oracle RAC Oracle Apps WebLogic Linux MySQL -- Disable and Enable Constraint-- Option#1-- Disable Constraint CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE DISABLE_ALL_CONSTRAINT IS BEGIN-- Disable foreign key constraint for i IN (select table_name, constraint_name I want to create this table in Oracle. (Doc ID 1271688. Dec 14, 2012 · alter table t add constraint t_pk primary key (x); will create a unique index, in your default tablespace, using whatever storage parameters are the default for that tablespace. The syntax of Enable Constraint is: 1. A primary key constraint define a column or series of columns that uniquely identify a given row in a table. Question: How can I Enable/Disable all Constraints within   ALTER TABLE テーブル名 [ENABLE/DISABLE] CONSTRAINT 制約名;. 1 on Redhat 5. I have various constraints that used to take seconds and now are taking up to half an hr to enable. A UNIQUE constraint is an integrity constraint that ensures the data stored in a column, or a group of columns, is unique among the rows in a table. rajesh@ORA11GR2> create table t1( 2 x number, 3 y number, 4 constraint t_pk primary key(x) 5 );Table created. Suppose that the ETL process verifies that a FOREIGN KEY constraint is true. Oracle uses this expression to validate the data that is being inserted or updated. The more constraints you add You may use this constraint name later when enabling or disabling const 8 Aug 2017 Question ID 8180. 制約を一時的 に有効にしたり無効にしたりするには、ALTER TABLE~ENABLE(DISABLE) CONSTRAINT句を使用します。 Constraint States. TABLE_NAME || ' enable constraint ' || rowFK. The query is smaller, faster and less ORA-prone than . Re-enabling it recreates the index: SQL> alter table MY_TABLE enable constraint PK_MY_TABLE; Table altered. constraint_name The name of the unique constraint to enable. We can apply a UNIQUE constraint on a table at two levels, If you enable a unique or primary key constraint, and if no index exists on the key, then Oracle Database creates a unique index. An Oracle check constraint allows you to enforce domain integrity by limiting the values accepted by one or more columns. They can be easily be several billions and at times hundreds of billions especially in cases where the fact tables contain most granular data. 5 minutes) Oracle® Database SQL Language Reference 11g Release 2 (11. Oracle allows you to rename the table Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version 11. alter table cust_table add constraint check_cust_types CHECK (cust_type IN ( 'yuppie', 'dink', 'guppie' ) ); Oracle Constraint Errors. To improve the performance when loading a large amount of data into a table or updating mass data, you can temporarily disable the PRIMARY KEY constraint. Let's look at an example of how to enable a unique constraint in Oracle. 2SQL> alter table agency add constraint agency_agcy_ori unique (agcy_ori) ENABLE NOVALIDATE; Dec 01, 2015 · After the ETL jobs are finished, the constraints can be enabled. CONSTRAINT_NAME; execute immediate sqlAlt; end loop Today, I have seen an application running a script to enable primary key constraint for a long time. Jun 06, 2011 · Enabling PK constraint does not rebuild index Hello Tom,My question is about disabling and enabling primary key constraint. Applies the constraint to the table data. ALTER TABLE table_name ADD [ CONSTRAINT primary_key_name ] PRIMARY KEY (col_name, colname2 . In this case we named the constraint FK_ITEM_PART. Note that I had to set the referenced constraint DIM3_PK to RELY here, even if it is enable and validate, 表の各列には整合性制約と呼ばれるルールを指定できます。整合性制約は5つ あります。 NOT NULL制約列の値がNULLでないこと。列に必ず値を入力し なければなりません。 一意キー制約(  5 Aug 2011 Oracle Disable/Enable constraints for schema. table_name||' disable constraint '||i. Oracle allows you to create, add, drop, disable and enable a foreign key constraint. 9. For example, update Disable and Enable Constraint -- Option#1 -- Disable Constraint CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE DISABLE_ALL_CONSTRAINT IS BEGIN -- Disable foreign key constraint for i IN (select table_name, constraint_name If you enable a unique or primary key constraint, and if no index exists on the key, then Oracle Database creates a unique If any row in the table violates the integrity constraint, the constraint remains disabled and Oracle returns a Constraint names are stored in ALL_CONSTRAINTS table. in-line syntax. 2. Here’s an example of enabling a foreign key constraint called FK_Albums_Artists: The syntax for enabling a unique constraint in Oracle is: ALTER TABLE table_name ENABLE CONSTRAINT constraint_name; table_name The name of the table to modify. Answer: There are several ways to enable and disable constraints. Validate. test add constraint un_test unique (fname,lname) exceptions into exceptions; If for some reason the constraint command fails, the rowid for each row causing the error can be found in this exception table. Enabling Constraints. Here are 5 steps to follow that will disable constraints and make indexes unusable. You're creating a new table consisting of three columns: Col1, Col2, and Col3. Dropping a Constraint: 6. begin Constraints specified in the enable and disable clauses of a CREATE TABLE statement must be defined in the statement. Oracle check constraints can be created with the create table clause or after the table has been created with alter table clause. To avoind this you should enable or disable constraint in a order. Then, we name the constraint. ALTER TABLE DROP CONSTRAINT <constraint_name> command; Enabling/Disabling Constraints – Constraints can be created in DISABLE/ENABLE mode or can be disabled or enabled using the command. I run the command on Oracle 11. We can use "alter table" syntax to enable or disable constraints: alter table table_name ENABLE constraint constraint_name; alter table table_name DISABLE constraint constraint_name; One way to enable and disable constraints would be to either use a plsql block or write a script. ENABLE NOVALIDATE can quickly create an enforced constraint, even when the constraint is believed to be true. constraint - text of the check constraint; status - status of the constraint (ENABLED/DISABLED) Rows. We can then take whatever action like modify, disable, drop , we want to See full list on oracle-base. This is the table whose unique constraint you want to enable. Why? Area SQL General / DDL Adding a 'NOT NULL' Constraint: 6. Oracle Check Constraint a CONSTRAINT that enables us to define a rule or condition to enforce it for limiting values in one column or more. Oct 16, 2011 · Importance of RELY Constraint Tom:We know that when we define constraint as 'Enable Novalidate' we are about to enable the constraint without validating the Existing data. Additional Prerequisites for Constraints and Triggers To enable a unique or primary key constraint, you must have the privileges necessary to create an index on the table. Syntax to DROP a UNIQUE CONSTRAINT in SQL / PLSQL is: This tells Oracle that we are about to define a constraint. 10. Well, kind of almost, because enabling constraints didn't run in parallel, although I've politel 2008年4月17日 CONSTRAINT_NAME; execute immediate sqlAlt; end loop; for rowFK in curFK loop sqlAlt := 'alter table ' || rowFK. If we now try to enable the PK constraint again, it will pick up the first index it found  31 Oct 2012 Oracle SQL allows to DROP PRIMARY KEY, DISABLE and ENABLE a PRIMARY KEY Constraint using the SQL ALTER TABLE Statement. If I disable constraint PK_MY_TABLE and then enabled it back, does index IDX_PK_MY_TABLE get rebuilt? Share. So, if you create a unique constraint on one column, all of the values in that column must be unique. select * from all_constraints where owner = '<NAME>' and constraint_name = 'SYS_C00381400' / Like all data dictionary views, this a USER_CONSTRAINTS view if you just want to check your current schema and a DBA_CONSTRAINTS view for administration users. PRIMARY KEY and UNIQUE constraints are enabled by rebuilding the associated index. Primary key constraints perform the same thing as a unique index in the sense that a primary key constraint makes a unique index to enforce the unique values within the data column. Therefore, a pragmatic way is to enable the constraint with the NOVALIDATE option. sql select 'alter table '||owner||'. 1) In oracle if you want to enable constraints on existing column of a table then we must use table level syntax method. 1 and later: "Alter Table Enable Novalidate Foreign Key Constraint" Gets ORA-00054. sql [oracle@test ~]$ cp -p  15 Sep 2015 This article presents constraints types that can be created on view level: check option; read only; primary key; unique key; foreign key. You can also choose to apply a constraint to new data only by specifying ENABLE ORACLE-BASE - DBA Scripts: table_constraints_ddl. 制約有効 無効の例文: --(例)test_tab表に設定されているconst1という名称の制約を一時 的  Oracleでは、1つ以上の列に一意制約を指定すると、暗黙的に一意キーに索引が 作成されます。 主キー制約を ENABLE VALIDATE モードに設定すると、妥当 性チェック・プロセスによって主キー列にNULLが含まれないことが検証されます   This Oracle tutorial explains how to enable a foreign key in Oracle with syntax and examples. Elapsed: 0 Enable / Disable an Oracle PRIMARY KEY constraint. Enabling the constraints in SQL*Plus or SQL*Loader will take same amount of time because by default, the constraint is created with "ENABLE VALIDATE" option; VALIDATE ensures that existing data conforms to the constraint. Oracle Cloud Free Tier allows you to sign up for an Oracle Cloud account which provides a number of Always Free services and a Free Trial with US$300 of free credit to use on all eligible Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services for up to 30 days. . Disabling a Constraint: 6. 1. Sep 06, 2018 · Dropping Constraints – is done using the. 8. Aug 20, 2020 · ENABLE CONSTRAINT constraint_name; Let’s consider an example of how to enable primary key with the ALTER TABLE operator in Oracle/PLSQL. · When you create or enable a Primary key or Unique constraint, Oracle will create a unique index on the co Oracle enabled disabled constraint in cascade, To disable or drop a UNIQUE key or PRIMARY KEY constraint and all dependent The syntax for enabling a foreign key in Oracle/PLSQL is: ALTER TABLE table_name ENABLE CONSTRAINT  ENABLE. The following chapter goes through the easiest way to maintain indexes and to be able enabling the constraints again. Does anyone know how to speed up the enabling of constraints on a table? What goes on behind the scenes after issuing alter table <table_name> enable constraint <constraint_name Oracle table name, column names are not case sensitive but records of a table are case sensitive, and here TEST is a record of user_cons_columns. Create a foreign key constraint The following statement illustrates the syntax of creating a foreign key constraint when you create a table: CREATE TABLE child_table ( Apr 17, 2018 · A unique constraint is a type of constraint in Oracle. Likewise if you are enabling do it in reverse order. To create a check constraint, you define a logical expression that returns true or false. ENABLE VALIDATE 테이블의 기존의 데이터는 물론  25 Sep 2011 Constraints can be disabled if not required, especially during bulk loads; later they can be re-enabled. Specifies the way in  If neither the ENABLE nor the DISABLE clause is included in a constraint's definition, Oracle automatically enables the constraint. ALTER TABLE supplier ENABLE CONSTRAINT supplier_pk; Sep 20, 2012 · -- Enable constraint in parallel takes about 40 seconds (NOPARALLEL takes approx. Jul 11, 2019 · How to enable check constraint on table alter table Student check constraint CK__Student__Marks__29572725 Try to insert the the invalid data on the Marks column and see the result. Syntax to enable constraint on existing column:-ALTER TABLE tableName ADD constraintType(column1, column2); Condition to enable constraint:- Those column must not contain any value which violates those constraint properties. 0. Enabling and Disabling Constraints. It defines a field or set of fields where the combination must be unique in a table. If a constraint is disabled, then data that does not conform can be allowed to enter the database. 16 Mar 2017 ALTER TABLE mytable ENABLE CONSTRAINT mytable_c1; or, if you wish to enable the constraint and validate its correctness at the same  13 Dec 2016 Modify the statements and save a copy for enabling statements later. 5. ENABLE VALIDATE is  First off, your code is catching the error that is raised when the constraint cannot be enabled and it is throwing that error away rather than re-raising it. ) ; 遅延制約)、RELY、ENABLE/DISABLE、 VALIDATE、例外表、USING INDEX でプライマリキー項目の追加や変更を直接  A data warehouse administrator might use an ENABLE NOVALIDATE constraint when either: The tables contain data that currently disobeys the constraint, but the data warehouse administrator wishes to  It doesn't mention Enable or Validate - these aren't properties of the Column. The data in the tables is static, it has increased or decreased. 2) Aug 26, 2019 · Below are code examples of enabling a foreign key constraint, while specifying each of these different options. This clause Enable constraint on Oracle flashback table. 表が 変更されました。 DISABLE/ENABLEで新規データの制約チェックを行なうかを 、VALIDATE/NOVALIDATEで既存データの制約チェックを行なう  30 Oct 2015 The point of these constraints is to get Oracle to do most of the work in maintaining the integrity of your database. Mar 26, 2011 · When you issue a constraint command (like alter table … add constraint or alter table … enable constraint) you can specify the following clause to use this so called exception table : alter table marcel. In other words we can say that, whenever we want to Drop, Disable or Enable a PRIMARY KEY in SQL, we have to use the ALTER TABLE Statement. Col1 should be the primary key and can't have any NULL values, and each entry should be unique. Regards, Saravanan. Enabling a Constraint: 6. constraintname) violated . There are multiple ways to disable constraints in Oracle. This is only the table SQL script. Typically, you apply the unique constraints to columns when you create the table using the inline constraint syntax as follows: ALTER TABLE LOADSURVEY ADD ENABLE NOVALIDATE CONSTRAINT LOAD_UNIQUE_CONS UNIQUE (METERNO,DAT,TIM); SQL COMMAND WINDOWS SHOWS "ORA-01735: INVALID ALTER TABLE OPTION" Any help me to come out the problem. Example. The syntax for enabling a foreign key in Oracle/PLSQL is: ALTER TABLE table_name ENABLE CONSTRAINT constraint_name; Sep 23, 2014 · Enable and Disable all constraints in Oracle Check the constraint present on table and owner col type format a10 col cons_name format a24 COL TABLE_NAME FOR A25 select decode(constraint_type, 'C', 'Check', 'O', 'R/O View', 'P', 'Primary', 'R', 'Foreign', 'U', 'Unique', 'V', 'Check view') type , constraint_name cons_name , TABLE_NAME from dba_constraints where table_name='EMP' order by… NOT NULL NOT NULL ENABLE NOT NULL ENABLE VALIDATE all mean the same thing (validate is also the default, novalidate being the other option), so there really isn't an "advantage" in specifying it fully (except perhaps for documentary purposes). ALTER TABLE CARS ENABLE CONSTRAINT cars_id_pk. The construction of the constraint name indicates a system generated constraint name. 8 Sep 2017 We know that all rows in the fact table have a matching row in each dimension, but Oracle doesn't know that. This clause ENABLE VALIDATE specifies that all old and new data also complies with the constraint. SQL> select index_name from user_indexes; INDEX_NAME ----- PK_MY_TABLE SQL> If you want to keep the index: SQL> alter table MY_TABLE disable constraint PK_MY_TABLE keep index; Table altered. My plan is to disable primary key constraint so that I can bulk load a table, then enable the primary key at the end. When Constraint is enabled at table level then the pre-defined constraint name will be same of those columns. 2. The "alter table" disable constrains syntax can be used to disable constraints in Oracle. Jul 26, 2019 · The time spent on the ref_constraint load is directly proportional to the amount of data involved in the load operation. Oct 31, 2012 · Oracle SQL allows to DROP PRIMARY KEY, DISABLE and ENABLE a PRIMARY KEY Constraint using the SQL ALTER TABLE Statement. Enabling and disabling Oracle constraints can also be done with the ENABLE and DISABLE keywords of the CONSTRAINT ENABLE VALIDATE specifies that all old and new data also complies with the constraint. sql : Oracle database SQL scripts. This is the recommended method (unless you have a specific reason not to use it). Check out how to add, drop the null constraints we may enable the May 17, 2011 · Enabling Oracle's table level constraints in parallel In DW environment often fact tables are inordinately large. Oracle unique constraint syntax. Unless you specify KEEP INDEX when subsequently disabling the constraint, this index is dropped and the database rebuilds the index every time the constraint is reenabled. 31 Oct 2012 In Oracle SQL / PLSQL a UNIQUE CONSTRAINT is single or group of column(s)/ field(s) that can uniquely identify each record in a table. 7. 3. This index must be rebuilt (enabled) before you can enable FOREIGN KEY constraints that reference the PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE constraint. alter table emp enable constraint emppk; Disable Constraint Enable Constraint ReferenceDisable and Enable all ConstraintDisable ConstraintCREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE DISABLE_ALL_CONSTRAINTISBEGI We have "alter table" syntax from Oracle to add data constraints in-place in this form: alter table table_name add constraint constraint_name; We can also use "alter table" syntax to enable or disable constraints: alter table table_name ENABLE constraint constraint_name; alter table table_name DISABLE constraint constraint_name; Check Constraint Oct 31, 2012 · In Oracle SQL / PLSQL a UNIQUE CONSTRAINT can be created by using maximum of 32 columns / fields. But enabling a constraint usually means that all data in the table is proved again – even the rows that were loaded in previous loads. Option B. However, just disabling and re-enabling is sufficient. An enabled validated constraint ENABLE NOVALIDATE ensures that all new DML operations on the constrained data comply with the constraint. "Alter Table Enable Novalidate Foreign Key Constraint" Gets ORA-00054. Looks like a bug, or most likely the current limitation of this functionality. In addition the VALIDATE or NOVALIDATE keywords can be used to alter the action of the state. Example of disable the constraint having pre-defined name, In Oracle, when you run the command DISABLE CONSTRAINT it disabled all of the constraints including NOT NULL. A unique constraint is an integrity constraint that ensures the data stored in a column, or a group of columns, is unique among the rows in a table. [oracle@ test ~]$ vi disable_references. You need to substitute the OWNER and TABLE on line 5 and 6 respectively in each statement. ALTER TABLE supplier ENABLE CONSTRAINT supplier_unique; After rebuilding the index, any constraints that were disabled because of disabling the index must be manually enabled. This could be useful in a number of scenarios. Oracle constraint Disable Disable all table constraints in Oracle spool disable_cons. Here we use Oracle "alter table" syntax to add a check constraint. You alter table will create the index in that specified tablespace, with your storage options. for eg. You need these privileges because Oracle Database creates an index on the columns of the unique or primary key in the schema containing the table. A UNIQUE CONSTRAINT can be dropped, disabled and enabled in ALTER TABLE statement. Please advise whether it is intended behavior, or I am missing something. Oracle Procedure to Enable/Disable all constraints. It’s an odd quirk of behaviour that I discovered in 12. 4. Table constraints can be enabled and disabled using the CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE statement. In the Oracle database, whenever we are creating constraint then the oracle server internally automatically generates a unique identification number for identifying a constraint uniquely in the format of SYS_Cn, this is also called as pre-defined constraint name. constraint_name is the name of the unique constraint to enable.